Hybrid Training: The Ultimate Method for the Modern Athlete

Hybrid Training: The Ultimate Method for the Modern Athlete

In the ever-changing world of fitness, one method has recently steadily gained momentum: Hybrid Training. More than a fad, it's a disruptive approach on your fitness routine. Why settle for one form of training when you can have the best of both worlds?

What is Hybrid Training? 

Also known as concurrent training, Hybrid Training consists in progressing two apparently opposed modalities simultaneously. The most popular form of the method is combining strength and endurance training. For example, building an impressive powerlifting total while being able to complete long distance triathlons or ultra marathons. 

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Benefits of Hybrid Training

  1. Improved Overall Fitness & Health: By combining the best of both worlds, hybrid training ensures you to get all the benefits from resistance training while keeping great cardiovascular health. 
  2. Reduced Risk of Injury: Not every runner gets injuries, but resistance training surely helps avoiding them. The combination of different training modalities can also prevent overuse injuries. 
  3. Bringing the Gym rats to the outdoors: let's face it, most dedicated gym-goers barely train outside. Opening up to Hybrid Training will help you get out of the gym without being afraid of losing your gains. 
  4. Making Runners stronger: similarly, it's quite common for hardcore runners to show little interest in resistance training, or even be afraid that gaining strength will slow them down. A mind shift towards Hybrid Training might be the best decision you'll ever make 
  5. More opportunities: Life is unpredictable. Hybrid Training will expose you to more than one discipline or one training location, and maybe sparkle some new interests in your fitness journey. 

Why Hybrid Training might be Perfect for You 

For most people, Hybrid Training simply unlocks new opportunities. Once you realise that you don't have to choose between the gym and the outdoors, everything becomes possible. 

Hybrid Training also has great benefits for mental health. For the typical gym-goer, nothing better than breaking the routine with some outdoor activity to keep your mind engaged and reduce stress. For the avid runner, some strength training will not only take stress off your joints but also relieve you from the clock and your HRM pressure. 

Breaking your routine will not only build a stronger body but foster a strong, resilient mind. 

How to start with Hybrid Training 

Ready to become a Hybrid Athlete? Here's how to kickstart your journey:

  1. Assess your current Training: have an objective assessment of what you are currently doing, and 
  2. Focus on Recovery: Like in any fitness activity, rest is crucial. Balance your hard training with ample recovery to avoid burnout. 

  3. Fuel Right: your training volume might increase, so an appropriate diet is key to sustaining your hybrid training. Eat well to train well.

  4. (Optional) Get a coach: if you can afford it, getting a coach or purchasing a training plan from an experienced athlete will surely help you. 

Training Programs based on your goals 

*the following list in non-exhaustive and we have no affiliation whatsoever with the mentioned athletes and companies 

  1. Bodybuilding & Endurance: Nick Bare Training. Nick Bare is wildly acknowledged as a Hybrid Athlete for competing winning a pro card in bodybuilding while simultaneously preparing a sub 3-hours marathon. 
  2. Strength & Endurance: Omnia Performance by Fergus Crawley. Between a 500 pounds squat & a sub 5-minutes mile in the same day to a "Double Brutal" Ironman, it's hard not to consider Fergus Crawley as one of the most impressive Hybrid Athletes of his generation. 
  3. Hyrox specific Program: JK Hybrid Training. James Kelly is the first athlete to ever break the 60-minutes mark in Hyrox. Since then, he's been consistently part of the Hyrox Elite 15 athletes and is a leading figure in the sport. 


    Hybrid Training isn't just about getting fitter, it's about redefining what fitness means. It’s about being strong, fast, and unstoppable. 

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