From the Streets to the Peaks

YAKD is rooted in urban vibes, colourful tones and retro feels. We create our designs with a hint of nostalgia towards the 90s while using the latest fabric technology. Our commitment is to bring the most comfortable, good-looking and performant headwear.


Our original cap is a great all-rounder, now worn by elite trail athletes and Sunday city striders alike. We chose to call it HBRD (for Hybrid) to illustrate the versatility of a great yet accessible product for every member of our community.


Meet Juju

Born on the shores of Manly, Juju is the reason why YAKD is proudly based in Sydney, Australia. After a decade working abroad and exploring the world, she decided to reconnect with her roots and move back home.


According to her, Australia is the best representation of what the brand stands for. "With endless possibilities to run and explore so many different environments : the coast, the city, the mountains in our backyard, it's hard to beat."


Meet Rob

Rob grew up in France and spent the first half of his 20s living at the bottom of the Alps, surrounded by the most beautiful roads, trails and peaks. He then worked overseas in bigger cities for almost a decade.


After years of training and running mostly in the city, he realised something was missing. "I enjoy the city and its energy, but I also love being out there".

YAKD was born from the nostalgia for retro urban vibes and the desire to create a performant and accessible product for all runners alike.